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    About us

    Learn more about Cuilin Ecological Garden

    Company Profile

    Beijing Cuilin Ecological Garden Construction Co., Ltd. is a garden service enterprise specializing in landscaping construction, green space maintenance and management, landscape planning and design, and seedling production and sales.

    Our company's main businesses include landscape engineering, greening maintenance, landscape design, tree transplantation, ancient tree rejuvenation, flower display for festival celebrations, lease and sale of green plants and seedlings, exhibition and arrangement of meetings, cleaning at heights and other service projects, and can undertake emergency environmental remediation, emergency treatment of dangerous trees and other work. In particular, it has strong construction organization ability and professional technical level in greening maintenance, tree transplantation, ancient tree rejuvenation, dangerous tree cutting and pruning, etc.

    Our company has seven departments: General Affairs Department, Engineering and After sales Department, Service Department, Logging Department, Labor Department, Maintenance Department, and Seedling Base. The Engineering and After sales Department is mainly responsible for landscape engineering, landscape design and after-sales service; The Service Department is mainly responsible for general greening construction, flower arrangement for festival celebrations, lease and sale of green plants and seedlings, and exhibition arrangement of meeting affairs; The Cutting and Moving Department is mainly responsible for transplanting big trees and cutting and trimming dangerous trees; The Labor Department is mainly responsible for routine cleaning, emergency environmental remediation and temporary labor assignment; The Maintenance Department is mainly responsible for the daily greening maintenance of the community streets and unit parks.

    Relying on our own strength, our company has carried out greening maintenance work for many units for a long time, and has undertaken emergency greening rescue tasks for roadside and trees close to houses in some communities. Cutting, moving and pruning of dangerous trees is a characteristic service project of our company. In windy and rainy seasons, we regularly set up a dangerous tree rescue team to accept emergency rescue tasks around the clock. Over the years, our company's dangerous tree rescue and cleaning and emergency environmental remediation have been unanimously recognized by all street communities and residents.

    Our company has actively participated in public welfare undertakings, and the logging and relocation department has repeatedly solved the problems for the street communities and the people, and exempted the construction costs of dangerous trees rescue; The Ministry of Conservation has also participated in the greening and reconstruction projects of public welfare institutions for many times. Our company has made modest efforts to make the society harmonious in line with social responsibility.

    Over the years, our company has won the praise of many customers and peers by virtue of excellent design, exquisite technology, standardized construction maintenance management, rich industry experience, meticulous service, and good reputation. Our company has a perfect after-sales service system, and has a professional greening maintenance team and maintenance team to provide customers with maintenance, repair and management work, and repay customers with first-class service. In the service of enterprises and institutions to obtain a high reputation.

    Our service philosophy is to respect customers, understand customers and provide customers with quality services. Our service goal is to do everything well, treat every customer seriously, complete every project conscientiously, and build a better living environment together. Our company grasps every opportunity and challenge with full enthusiasm, serious attitude and practical work.

    Honors and qualifications

    Honor belongs to the past, and the future has a long way to go. Don't forget the original intention and forge ahead.

    honor certificate


    honor certificate


    honor certificate


    honor certificate

    invite to one 's side men of wisdom and valor

    Great career stage, more exciting life

    Job requirements:

    Education: Bachelor degree and above;

    Major: Forestry related, with professional engineers related to landscaping;

    Gender: There is no limit to men and women;

    Age: 22-35 years old;

    Relevant work experience: more than three years of experience

    Recruitment Department: Greening Maintenance Department

    If you are interested, please send your resume to: 183189285@qq.com

    Contact number: 010-53604222

    Head of Maintenance

    Number of recruiters:2 person

    Wastewater and waste gas project site management;
    Proficient in ACD drawing, proficient in office software, etc., familiar with process debugging and construction site management;
    Can bear hardships and stand hard work, have good learning ability, adaptability and team spirit;
    Have strong interpersonal communication and coordination skills and strong execution ability.
    Working time: 5 days a week

    Environmental Engineering Technology

    Number of recruiters:1 person
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